Foundations of Ecology (Bio 81) – Fall Quarter

This course is offered every Fall and introduces students to the key principles of ecology. Topics covered include interactions of organisms with their environment, dynamics of populations, species interactions, structure and dynamics of ecological communities, biodiversity. Co-taught with Erin Mordecai.

Biology and Ecology of Fungi (Bio 115) – Winter Quarter

Fungi are a critical component of the diversity and function of terrestrial ecosystems. They regulate decomposition rates, facilitate plant nutrient uptake and have a profound impact on agriculture and economics.  The class provides students with an understanding of key components of fungal biology, including ecology, physiology, genetics and diversity. We cover major groups of fungi, key morphological features and lifecycles. Labs will give students hands on experience with a diverse range of organisms and field trips introduce students to fungal research and allow observation and identification of fungi in the environment. Much of the course will revolve around a field & lab project to characterize fungi from a local environment using genomic DNA sequencing tools.

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