Undergrad & High School

10923818_1001679279859942_2105887076299746043_oDrake Johnson (Undergrad)

Drake Johnson joined our lab in 2016 as a freshman, and since then has considered majoring in every possible area of biology. He loves the ecological importance of such a seemingly unassuming organism such as fungi. Drake has helped with phylogenetic studies on possible cryptic speciation in Thelephora terrestris as well as other projects such as building a CO2 enrichment chamber and designing a split root experimental set up. Currently, Drake is investigating the ecological importance of mycorrhizal symbiosis in the model plant genus Populus.

Nicholas Romano (Undergrad)

Nic RomanoNic is a senior in the Earth Systems major at Stanford. He has been working in the Peay Lab since the fall of 2015 and is interested in many aspects of mycology, from fungal pathogens to mutualists and everything in between. In the past Nic has conducted research on the model organism Daphnia obtusa and hopes to continue his research centered in biology. Currently Nic is working on an honors thesis which examines the ectomycorrhizal and endophytic associates of 4 species of tree in Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve. Nic enjoys reading and writing poetry, hiking, and exploring the unknown.

Alexandra Bernard (Undergrad)Alexandra_Miyajima_2016

Alexandra is a junior majoring in the Earth Systems Biosphere track at Stanford. She has
been working at the Peay Lab since winter
2016/17. She has been helping with current projects surrounding Thelephora terrestris and its interactions with various plant hosts as well as plant responses to different fungi under various nitrogen conditions. Currently Alexandra is preparing an honors thesis exploring nutrient uptake methods of Arbutus menziesii saplings. Alexandra is interested in anything connected to soil, sustainable growth conditions and relationships between species. She loves the outdoors, archery and taking care of plants.

Cameron Tenner (Undergrad)

Cameron_2017Cameron is a freshman interested in Earth Systems and Biology. He joined the lab in 2017 and has been contributing to two isotope labeling projects: with Marie, he has helped investigate the effect of different plant-microbe symbioses on nutrient cycling, and with Laura he is helping set up experiments investigating partner choice in ectomycorrhizal symbiosis.  Regarding his interest in mycorrhizal ecology, Cameron writes:
“I’m fascinated by the fact that tiny mycorrhizae have played such a central role in the evolution of terrestrial communities and in the continued health of these communities. I also love looking at roots under a microscope! There’s an entire intricate world in the soil that I never thought about before.” Cameron is from Los Angeles and loves hiking, books, art, nature, and plants.

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