I completed a master’s degree at the Yale School of Forestry and Environment Science (F&ES) and my PhD from UC Berkeley’s Dept. of Environmental Science, Policy and Management (ESPM), where I worked with Matteo Garbelotto and Tom Bruns. I have a fairly broad training in ecology and mycology, although my primary research focus has been community ecology. I encourage people in my lab to use a wide range of experimental approaches and technical tools, such as remote sensing, stable isotopes, gas exchange analyses and molecular genetics, to study a nuIMG_9029mber of ecological topics. In my research I work across multiple spatial scales and a broad range of experimental settings, from microcosm bioassays to manipulative field experiments and try whenever possible to pair greenhouse and field studies to provide maximum scientific inference. I work primarily on plant-fungal interactions (specifically mycorrhizal symbiosis) but am open to work in other systems if the techniques & theory we use are useful. Contact ‘kpeay AT stanford.edu’

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